Students looking to land that FIRST job or an experienced job seeker – It doesn’t matter what category you are in, the bottom line is, and many of you know this from experience, careers are a bumpy road. This path is anything but a clean ride. The path you are on will offer you many obstacles and hurdles that will test you in many ways. Your patience, your inner strength, your tolerance, your lack of or your abundant industry knowledge, your strengths and/or your weaknesses will all be tested. And if you do not rise up, adjust accordingly you will only add more layers to the process. Be clear and be honest with yourself. Set goals. Have expectations set in place. Finding a job, landing, if you’re a student, an internship or taking that leap of faith to leave a current job for another is, without question an arduous task and the road is definitely not a straight line.

It requires allot of work and time. You will find that the bigger your commitment, the better you will do. If you invest in YOU, you will minimize some of the curves and bumps in the road. Make no mistake it’s often not a ‘direct route’.

You will need to use and manage all the resources available to make this ride work on your behalf. Who do you know, is the first question you need to ask yourself. The network you have will play a HUGE role in the process and your ‘circle of influence’ will also help develop a smoother ride. Remember, data supports 70% of the jobs secured today are through NETWORKING. This number is not to be ignored. Your network will smooth out some of the speed bumps.

When you sit in the career driver’s seat, keep your eye on the road, seize control, map it out and make your career path what you want it to be.

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