When you say 4-Letter Words, the auto default is curse words, dirty words, offensive words and generally, people just don’t want to hear that kind of language.

That said, let’s talk about the 4 letter words that are meaningful in both your professional and personal life.

There are many and they should help you think about where you are now and better yet, where you will be tomorrow.

GOAL – I chose this one to start because it represents so many things.

Objective, intention, plan, purpose, target and among other things, aspiration. It also represents another 4-letter word – HOPE. Where are we without it? Hope is a good one. This represents optimism and if you are dealing with life, day-to-day things and maybe your career, you will def need to keep your head in a good space as you stay the course while looking for a job, an improved work environment and/or some type of career transition. HOPE is attached to confidence and having the belief in yourself that you can accomplish anything. HOPE is a close cousin to expectation. Make sure you are thinking about where you are and where you WANT to be. Have a PLAN and drive that with purpose.

WANT…that’s another one – isn’t it? I could probably do this blog for a long time, but will spare you and just punch up a few samples of my 4-letter words that I like to focus on. WANT is all about desire and caring about who you are, where you are and again, where are you going to be.

My 2 favorites are TIME and NEXT. They work well together too. TIME is awesome if managed well. It can also kick you in the ### if you don’t pay attention to it and utilize it as the commodity it is; Something very precious and something that should never be taken for granted. TIME goes too fast. If you let it slip away, you will be burned by missed opportunities.

And that leads me to my favorite 4-letter word – NEXT. Life is all about moving forward. Personally and professionally, we should all be thinking about what’s NEXT. It’s a healthy place to be and it’s good for the head to not worry about yesterday and focus on tomorrow. NEXT is symbolic of what follows and what is in front of you, not behind. NEXT is the word that takes you from target to connect. Targeting and connecting is the GOAL.

Use these 4-letter words with great pride and never be ashamed to talk this way in front of others……These 4-letter words are never offensive.

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