Have you ever asked yourself, “What have I successfully achieved?” What you have done in life is one thing and what you have achieved is quite another. We all do things everyday and most of them are obligatory that get us through the day and need to be done. But something that you have accomplished and has some meaningful result is an achievement that should make you feel good. It can be that your list of the day is nothing more than a mundane menu and as you tick off each thing on that list, you are managing your priorities, your time and acting responsibly. That in of itself can be considered an accomplishment. You began the day with a list and everything on it has been completed. You end that day feeling satisfied. 

In order to accomplish something you will need to use your skill, your talent, your drive, your expertise and find the time to finish what you have set out to do, so challenge yourself everyday, learn something everyday and achieve something everyday.

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