What’s your added value? If I am a hiring manager, I want to know. Your resume and your additional credentials look great and I am interested in meting you but the last thing, I as a hiring manager, HR Manager want to hear is all about YOU.

My priorities are on behalf of the company I represent, so please tell me HOW you can and WILL help us make this place better than it already is.

Too often, interviews are built on an exchange of I, me, my and that’s not a great interview strategy. No, these days, a lot of it is based on the Added Value you can bring inside. It’s more about the ‘UQ’. The ‘Useful Quotient’. Can you help us?

So, as you begin to prep for the interview, think about the company, the culture, the people, the mission, the clients they represent and how you will fit.

You already passed the first test by submitting quality creds and now we want to get inside your head and see if, in fact, you will be a good fit and can you convey that you will be productive on their behalf and generate the kind of success they need. Remember when you are on the job hunt, it’s important to know this is about them not you, and most importantly, what’s your ADDED VALUE?


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