Being on the ‘IN’ is definitely better than being on the ‘OUT’.

You can be an INFLUENCER and make an impact on people that just might be the difference of something meaningful or not……

If you INLUENCE, you have the capacity to have a significant effect on the character of those around you and/or the project you are working on. You have the power to shape some kind of policy in the environment you are INCLUDED in and that too, can make a difference. INTELLECT is another good way to be on the ‘IN’ if you use it properly. Be aware of what it means to be on the INSIDE.

It’s just as easy to misuse great qualities and if so, you are def on the ‘OUT’.

Make sure as you look at the INSIDE, you are aware of who you are, who you INTERFACE with and what will they gain from being a part of the INVESTMENT you make in each other. If you INITIATE and are a true INNOVATOR, you will INSPIRE and probably get a lot of each other, which can only lead to success.

INTEGRITY is a great quality to exhibit as a leader and as a follower. If you make a mistake, own it, deal with it, learn from it and move on knowing that the mistake was caught early in the process and a valuable lesson was learned. That kind of INSTINCT will earn you respect and people tend to not forget how you stepped up.

Try not to settle for ‘good enough’. Always INSIST on the best. Shoot for something big. Make every opportunity count. A wasted opportunity is a waste of time. It’s INEFFECTIVE and will INFURIATE someone.

What’s your INCENTIVE? What’s your INTENTION? Do you have a plan? In order to really make a difference you need to know where you are going and how to INTUITIVELY push things forward. Take time to listen and process the INTEL and the INPUT that surrounds you. It might be the difference of success and failure. INVOLVE your team. Leverage the strengths and weaknesses of your team. They can help. INDULGE your team. Let them know you are, in fact, just that – a team. Anything less will only produce something INFERIOR and that’s not what we are looking for.

INTENSITY can be a force of strength or it can be a real drag. Be INTENSE, but be fair to yourself and those around you. Look at the INDICATORS, read the signs around you and always INSTILL a sense of direction on all that you do.

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