What is the core that makes you – YOU?

When you are on the job market, this is a key question that you need to ask yourself. In order for you to look for an intern position, your 1st job, consider a transition and/or a career change; you MUST be in touch with your marketplace alignment.

Career Sequencing is like a construction project. You begin with the plan or a career ‘blueprint’. The key to building something successful is in the preliminary plan. It starts with a solid foundation and then you can organize the tools, the team and begin to manage the process of building, one block at a time.

Layers and layers of information are the supplies. Your tools are the qualifications you have and the desire that drives you. The team can be a variety of resources. For the student, you can reach out to Career Development at the schools and universities. If you are at that entry-level spot, think about Alumni Associations, and professional organizations can also be a good place to consider. For those that are knee deep in the career sequence and feel insecure or lost, a career coach is always a great place to turn to for assistance. Whatever resources you have available in your network, these are the people to turn to for help. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help.

Refer to the ‘blueprint’ from time to time, so you can stay on task and keep things moving. I don’t like self-induced pressure, so try not to get stuck with a “deadline”. But it is good to have some time lines in place. Time management is part of any construction process and that applies to your Career Sequence too.

Every project needs to have process, procedure, objectives, goals and an outcome.

The results are the target to keep focused on. After all, you want to find a comfortable, appropriate and meaningful place to work – don’t you?

Architecture is, by definition, ‘the complex or carefully designed structure of something’, so, keep centered, keep the priorities in place and build something awesome.




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