When you meet someone for the first time or the 20th time, you should always greet them, and anyone else for that matter, with EYE CONTACT. You engage people immediately if you are looking them in the eye. Engagement is what relationship building is all about. And, eye-con is a root foundation to that relationship. You will have a difficult time making friends, increasing your network or moving yourself forward without that EYE CON. It helps all of us create an instant rapport. 

Interviews are often considered ‘scary;’ and yet without them as part of the job search process, you will not get a job or become an intern. Remember, an interview is nothing more than a conversation with the intent of exchanging information. And with all that said, if you walk in and don’t connect immediately with the eyes, you have already established a poor connection and created a soft or bad impression. That 1st impression ‘moment’ can be the difference of getting an opportunity or not. It sets the tone for everything.

When you are talking to people, maintain eye contact. Let them see you. Let them feel you. Let them know you are involved and paying attention. Make them feel you are completely absorbed in the moment. This will connect and create a bridge between you and them. You can personalize a very significant ‘professional’ moment and make an impact that becomes long lasting. That is the key – Do you make an impact? 

Eye contact forces people to listen and if they are listening, your brand message, your objectives, your ideas, YOU are being processed and creating a powerful moment. EYE-CON exhibits self-confidence and encourages a dialogue.

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