It’s late August and September is 1 week away. With that comes another school year. 

Although all students are about to ‘move up’, I am addressing the university students with my annual ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ message.  As you advance another year, I would like you to think about moving forward. 

That’s, after all, what life is all about – MOVING FORWARD. Your personal, your school and your professional life all require a sense of COMMITMENT to yourself. This is your ride, your life and your future, and at some point you will need to make some considerations and decisions about your career and your future.  

Many students are in the ‘I don’t know’ category. Nothing wrong with that at all and for those that are on a deliberate path and know what they want to do – AWESOME!!

Either way, you are all capable of what is probably the most important first step – COMMITMENT. Are you and will you be 100% aware of what it takes? If you really aren’t sure about a career choice, you still need to research markets of interest. It’s a wonderful exploratory exercise to do. Think about what you like and research it. Collect information and data about this and other markets to help you determine what looks and feels right.  Change is all about commitment.  Sometimes courage can play a role in the process of change, but the root foundation to be successful in change and moving forward is commitment. 

So, if you are a Freshman and about to make your mark as a first year university student or a senior about to complete your studies you will have to make some significant changes in order to make this year a success and move forward. Map it out, think about what’s in front of you, learn from what’s behind you and be 100% COMMITTED. Good luck this and every year.

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