Need a job? Need to make a career change? Looking for an Internship?

These questions are typically the beginning of a journey or, if your career is already a work in progress, another reason to stop, assess and think about how you are going to implement some serious changes in your life. And, how will you get there?

Think about all you have done. Think about all that you have accomplished and all that you want/need to do and this should provide you with a map that gets you on the road to change, growth and ultimately – SUCCESS.

You are thinking about a road trip and the first thing you do is set the GPS, plot the course and give yourself some sense of direction, get an idea how long the trip will be and give yourself some confidence that with this assistance – you will get there without making too many U-Turns.

The same can apply to the Career Sequence. You need to plot the course, and the best way to do this is research the market you are interested in. Information is your fuel and you want to make sure the tank is full before you begin. If the tank is empty, you can’t get going. If your tank is half full – you will need to stop and re-fuel sooner than you might want to. That slows the trip down, and in the case of career sequence and career change, you want the tank on full so you can get a lot of distance as you explore the opportunities available.

And, by the way, a few speed bumps along the way can be a good thing. There is nothing like a challenge to keep you focused, help you maintain good visual perception and keep your eyes on the road ahead. Pick the destination, get your ‘info tank’ filled up, hit the road with as much information as you can and I promise the ride will be more efficient, more productive, more fulfilling and you will get there more quickly.

Avoid the stop signs.



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