Baby steps are indicative of ‘small steps’, which is generally the prescribed method to begin your Career Sequence and get your career arc on the move. One step at a time, and with each one moving you in a forward and vertical direction, you walk with purpose and walk with passion in your stride. Maintain a steady cadence and pace so that you can find your destination(s) without exhausting yourself.

And, as you gain more experience, you can accelerate things and begin to convert those small steps into a wider stride and eventually a giant leap (of faith) as you build your resume into something that exhibits accomplishment and success.

But, make no mistake; this is not a something that happens quickly. It requires your thought, your time, and your ability to research things and make really good decisions. Decisions that will benefit you and the colleagues you work with. The objective is always the ‘added value’. What are you going to provide? How will the team, the organization, the company you work for gain and grow from you being involved?

Added Value plays a key role in your success, but it still begins with those little baby steps that give you experience, substance and qualifications to create a good foundation under your feet.babyfeet3

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