Who I am begins with who I was

As a Creative Service Provider, I distinguished myself as a commercial, state-of-the-art digital photographer in New York City. I captured content for some very iconic brands, developed excellent business skills and earned the respect of the creative community by producing quality and award winning photography that has appeared globally. I loved what I did and don’t for one minute, minimize how lucky I was.

In 2007, I had career ending eye surgery that dictated a change of careers and a professional re-invention.

I have a natural ability to work with and get along with people. This has both inspired and directed my career sequence into the career path of Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Staffing and now CAREER COACHING. I learned to embrace the change and recognized the value in maintaining a good mind-set and keeping my life moving forward.

I wasn’t laid off and I wasn’t fired, but personal events in my life dictated a professional re-invention.

Transition and re-careering, under any circumstance can put your head in a dark place. It forces you to look at yourself from a very different perspective and it will certainly take you out of your comfort zone.

What I discovered early during the transition – ATTITUDE was a key driver to finding new success.

I organized my resources, developed a plan and took action.

I mapped out a path and began my new journey.

Job Search Therapy is a support system designed to help you find your way. I work with all career categories and all demographics. My passion for young people and my affiliations with Universities has helped me create a special focus on the entry-level, college graduates and transitional specialties.

JST is designed to help you recognize your core strengths, how to maximize your abilities and leverage those qualities to understand what’s in front of you. As your partner and advocate I will help you navigate through the process of landing safely and advance your career objectives.

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