When you are on the job market, you are one of many and that in of itself will create some challenges for you to overcome. A common question I get is, “how can I separate myself?” That is the foundation for your search. If you are one of the many, then that’s all you are – one of the many. You want to be one of the few. You need to differentiate yourself and rise above the others.

Don’t do it differently, think differently!

Sounds easy – right? It’s not. The competition is stiff and you will really need to dig deep into the search process to find that one little hook that gets you noticed.

You are looking for a job. That makes you the brand, the product or the service. No product is launched without some strategic plan to drive it, so if you are the brand, what is your plan? Do you know the market?  Have your researched your market? Data always supports that plan. INFORMATION is the key. How can you penetrate the market, how can you launch the brand without understanding that market? You cannot do it. Align yourself appropriately. Have a target in mind. Then build the strategic plan accordingly. Career Management is a sequential process that begins with the understanding of oneself and how to transform that into an OCCUPATIONAL AWARENESS or THE MARKET. It involves conscious planning, commitment, investing in yourself and if you are creative about it, you will achieve professional fulfillment.

Don’t do things differently – THINK differently.  Be pro-active. Leverage and utilize all your resources and above all BE CREATIVE.

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