By definition, a NINJA is someone with ‘special skills’ and someone that excels in a particular activity. They were mercenaries. They knew how to manage trouble. They recognized, quickly how to get in and alter the situation to their advantage.

Looking for a job, under the best of circumstances, can be challenging. But under the ‘new normal’ looking for a job is more difficult than ever. This is not to say that there are NO opportunities to be had. They are out there – Just more difficult to find and secure. There is more competition now than ever. Two months ago, this would not be a topic of discussion, but in just a few fast weeks, things have flipped and we are all inside out.

And as we try and process the new norm, as we try and manage so many vicious changes in our lives, we are all confronted with some form of challenge that requires we take stock in ourselves, get reflective and get in touch with who we really are. 

What is your core? What is the substance that makes you who you are? You think about all your powers and all your skills, hard and soft and begin to re-think who you are, what you can do and where you can do it. And that requires ‘special skills’. Be the Ninja. Be fast. Be deliberate. Be smart. Be agile and above all, be alert.  Know what is taking place around you.  Process, be reactive and be proactive. 

If you are on the job market, ask yourself: What are my resources? Who can I rely on? What information and data do I need in order to move forward? First and foremost, you rely on YOU to get a plan in place. What is the strategy driving you? 

Be the NINJA and have a panoramic view so you can whittle things down to a manageable approach to your what’s next. Be the NINJA and have an understanding what is on the horizon. Be the NINJA.

Be Aware
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