Hey all you job seekers, career navigators, career switchers, networkers – WHAT are you thinking when it comes to how you present yourself?

Have you ever considered just how LOUD your body can speak? Trust me, recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, employers and the hiring communities are listening. And the good ones see, hear and process extremely well what it is you are trying to hide and/or say.

You may not be cognizant of your body language as you are meeting with people and even if you don’t express your thoughts verbally, there are often clues that give some of you away. Could be a subtle ‘tick’, a fidget of your hands, maybe an uncomfortable movement while sitting in a chair, facial expressions, a change in your vocal tone; anyone of these and many other things can speak volumes and all of it is simply referred to as ‘BODY LANGUAGE’ Eye contact and a firm handshake are often the first point of physical contact. Those 2 can set the tone for something good or something bad.

Not always spoken in clear language and too often left to interpretation, but it can play a huge role in your career path. Interviews can definitely get to many people and make them anxious, but like most things, if you prepare, you are then, prepared.

You need to research and prep so you can reduce or better yet, eliminate that anxiety.  A brief display can alter an interview in a heartbeat. It can change the entire sequence of events. If you project negativity that will be the image you leave behind. If you message insecurity that too, will be the image you leave behind. It’s all there to be read. I always coach my clients as my mother used to do to me: SIT UP STRAIGHT, comb your hair and smile. She was right.

Body Language is still a form of communication and if you are on the job market, it can either help or hurt you. Be aware of your physical presence. Project confidence. Be positive and above all – SIT UP STRAGHT.

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