If you develop them in your head, you automatically create a divide or a separation and that will prevent you from moving your professional life forward. That applies to your personal life as well, but let’s, for now, focus on the professional and career sequence.

As a career coach, my first priority is to create an open dialogue between my clients and myself. It allows me an opportunity to get inside their head and, if they are honest with me and hold true to themselves, hopefully we create a blueprint for success, get a plan in place and then, together, we can execute. Often, as I get to know them, I learn that the biggest issue, the biggest problem is nothing more than the fear of moving forward and the fear of the unknown. That forces people to ‘overthink’ which, in turn is the beginning of the boundary.

This ‘think process’ quietly causes people to determine all the many reasons why they ‘can’t’ do things, when in fact, I am looking for the one reason they why they CAN.

It’s so important to focus on your core. What are the skills, passions, and desires you have that will drive you and make the career sequence a good experience? Think about your transferrable skills and set your sights ahead. Take aim at the target and get your priorities in order. What is the center of attention and what is your substance? Use your essence to tear down the boundaries and AMPLIFY YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!!!

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