How can you separate yourself from the many looking for the same job you are?

Easy…..don’t be like everyone else. Look for the differentiators. Identify your core, build your ‘brand’ and make sure you create a memorable message that tells a compelling story – One that engages your target audience.

Think of yourself as THE BRAND and think of the hiring community as the END USER.

There isn’t a product that hits the market without some form of market research, data to drive it and a solid strategy plan behind it. You, in this case, are the brand and in order for you to successfully find a good quality job, you should consider doing the same thing. It begins with a PLAN and behind that should be STRATEGY.

Do some serious market research. Learn about your target audience and make sure there are opportunities out there that are appropriate for you. Knowing the market, having a good command of the industry vocabulary and having a vision will help you create the start plan and that, in turn, will help you navigate the career sequence.

I call it a ‘sequence’ because it is a sequence of events that, although they may present challenges along the way, are, with hard work and commitment from you can easily be resolved and will lead you to a successful place. You are the solution to developing your brand and finding a safe place to land.

Brand and Land!


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