Many people lose their jobs. Maybe they were laid off. Maybe they were victims of a bad economy and a company has to cut back. Maybe there was a re-org and as a company begins to shuffle people around and re-position staff, someone gets cut. Maybe you wanted to make a change and you resign to make a better path for yourself.

I myself experienced major change. Many of you know I was a commercial photographer and had career ending surgery and although none of the above pertained to me – I was, never the less, unemployed and had to find a new career direction. The point is simple. When you hit that difficult crossroad and recognize that things are broken, you MUST find it within yourself to pick up the pieces, keep your mind in a good place, utilize the many tools and resources you have available and fix what is, temporary and FIX IT!!

We all experience career pain from time to time. Some wounds are deeper than others and many have a longer recovery time, but all of this is fixable. There are solutions and you must remain steady, strong, determined, uncompromising and above all stay true to yourself. In time, things begin to crystalize. The dots begin to connect and before you know it, you have a straight line that will lead you to something new. Stay committed. Let purpose drive you and fix what is broken.


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