When you are looking for a job or dealing with your career sequence, it makes sense that you approach it like most things in life – from the beginning. You take it one step at a time, plan and create a strategy that puts you in a position to find success. We all define success differently and have differing criteria for that path but when it comes to Career Sequence, the end game should be a job that feels right, stimulates you, teaches you, allows you an opportunity to exchange the skills you have for quality experience and be exposed to a working environment that shares the cultural beliefs suitable for both you and the place where you land. Each step you take should lead to something better and provide another opportunity to BUILD SOMETHING that has meaning for you and for certain, takes you on a path that continues the building process.

It’s all about ownership. You are on the hunt to make a career move, so OWN it and make it yours. Be realistic, be pragmatic and set goals that are achievable. Make sure you have a target in mind. Know your market. Know how to target that market and above all, take ownership on this process. It’s your ride and you are the driver. Ask for help when necessary, but at the end of each day, this is something you have to mediate, as your career path is YOURS and yours alone. It becomes your storyline, your narrative and quite possibly, your identity.

If you take possession of the process, you have the ability to manage things in an appropriate way that should benefit all involved. This is not just about you. Career Sequence, Career Growth, Career Transition, Career Disruption and Career Pivots involve many people and in order to market yourself properly, you will have to know who your target is and how best to approach it and those people included. The process necessitates that you OWN it, so make sure you are in control and direct things in an organized, thoughtful and purposeful way.

In order to build something great, it takes dedication, persistence, passion, drive and above all patience.

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