Candidates today on the hunt for a job are fighting so many ‘things’ today. The competition is clearly high on the list. So is the Candidate Engagement as technology continues to re-define that as well as everything else we do today. Almost all the applications for jobs are managed through Talent Acquisition Software and what does software know about you? It only knows what you tell it. It is ‘keyword’ based as that is the way the software is designed – its primary directive is to align the keywords between your resume, credentials and the job description. Know this: If that alignment is soft, or worse yet, not at all in sync – you have NO SHOT at getting through the system and in front of someone’s face.

How can you change the dynamics of all this and leverage your great qualities and ensure that you are going to get through the system that is sometimes unfairly set up to be the Judge?

You become the ‘Can-Do Candidate. You make sure that you research the company, the job functions, and the responsibilities and put together a comprehensive package that not only represents you but also ALIGNS you with this job. Let them know that you are the right candidate. Speak fluently in THEIR language. I call it, ‘Industry Fluency’.

If you present your credentials properly, you are coming in as the Can-Do that meets the requirements and you will create a connection between them and you.

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