You go to a doctor and he might ask, “Where does it hurt?” Or maybe he says, “show me the spot”. If you are on the hunt for a job or you are thinking about making a pivot in your professional life, you have to diagnose the pain points. What hurts at the current job? Why do I NEED to make this change? What’s the price to pay to make the jump? And, there are the same questions where you land. Transition can and often does cause some type of disruption and that can definitely cause some discomfort. So, what ails you? Why the need to push and make a change? Will it be worth it? Identify all the reasons and be clear in your mind that it’s necessary and the right thing to do.
Every symptom needs to be diagnosed. Diagnosis is a good exercise for you to do, as it helps identify, detect, recognize and most of all DISCOVER.

Discovery is the key. It will help you deal with and prepare for the ‘pain points”. Discovery helps you put a plan in place to minimize, reduce or better yet, eliminate the pain and suffering of what might be a very significant transition about to take place in your life.

In order to realize a dream and have the opportunity to live that dream, you are going to have to DIAGNOSE the situation and understand how to treat the symptoms. What are the indicators that prompt you to change? What are the signs?

If the pain is severe – make a change. Pain is not fun. Figure it out and alleviate the pain by getting the right meds. The objective is to treat the boo-boo, find a remedy that cures what ails you.


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