Although a conversation can and does take place in a variety of contexts, both formal and informal, the word conversation usually implies a relaxed and casual exchange between those engaged in that dialogue. And, therein lies the key to this magical moment. Dialogue….not monologue.

It is and should be an exchange of ideas, thoughts, talking points and some conceptual thinking that gives each member involved some sense of vision.

The objective should be intent and purpose. It should provide a sense of meaning that allows us an opportunity to target and map out plans that ultimately lead us to a successful place that will assure some sense of career and/or personal gratification.

Did you know, that by definition, an INTERVIEW is nothing more than a conversation between 2 people with the intent to exchange information? That’s all it is – a conversation. Many people get anxious about an interview. Not in everybody’s comfort zone, but if you can slice through the layers and recognize the characteristics of the people and/or the organization you are engaging with, then you can probably handle this in a more manageable way, not get stuck in the clutter and have a meaningful experience. And by that I mean a significant DIALOGUE that allows ‘them’ a chance to get inside your head and for you to do the same. A mutual exchange that ultimately opens a door and has someone ask you to, “come on in and have a seat”.


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