To say the least, we are all being challenged by some very difficult circumstances that in one way or another will impact our lives today, tomorrow and maybe for years to come. It’s always difficult when things just go ‘bad’.  Ugly is part of life; there’s no way around that. As we continue to deal with all the uncertainty, the anxiety it creates and the lack of having a handle on things, all we can do is put one foot in front of the other and find ways to push forward. As bad as things are, there will always be something to celebrate and YOUR JOB is to focus on that every single day. Your family, your friends, your pet, the ability to still reach out and create a conversation and recognizing that despite it – BETTER DAYS ARE COMING!!!!

Keep your mind right. Keep your head in a good place. 

As I watch the news and try and makes heads/tails of it all, it is easy to lose sight of the many good things that are still happening out there. Putting politics aside, as all that does is create a smoke screen for all, adds to the diffusion and takes away some clarity, it is more important now to rely on our network of family, friends and colleagues. They are the true support system and should provide comfort. So, CELEBRATE them, the 1stresponders and the people that are putting themselves in harm’s way each and everyday to protect you and me.

There will always be something to CELEBRATE. Find it and enjoy it. It will add a smile to your face.

Celebrate Something!
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