The fall always makes me think of ‘change’.

As the weather transitions from summer heat to the soft breeze and cooler temperatures, it gets my head in a good place and as I watch the leaves shift from bright shades of green to the mix of red, yellow and burnt orange, it would be difficult not to think about change. I am a big fan of change. Like the seasons, change in our lives is a constant that has to be reckoned with. To ignore it, to fight it would be a mistake; especially when it comes to your career. Your career, with rare exception, will always put change in front of you. Opportunity represents change. Rather than resist, embrace it. 

Almost always, there is something to be gained from change. Change should symbolize GROWTH and growth is indicative of moving forward and moving forward is how you achieve fulfillment personally and professionally. 

As disruptive as change is, don’t focus on the process and time involved. Instead, look ahead and begin to realize that as you begin to find a new rhythm you are adding more depth to who you are and you become more valuable to your colleagues. 

Your career path is all about development, growth, improving, learning, making progress and change.

Without change – you are in the same place. Change offers us options and a chance to become more than we were. We get to test ourselves and see just how much we are willing to improve and that, my friends is the path to SUCCESS.

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