No, it’s not a hot new Ice Cream Parlor….It’s what you need to do when you are looking for a job or if you are thinking about a career pivot. You chip away at the process by taking one smart, thoughtful step at a time and you keep your head in a chill place. If you let the anxiety of looking get in your way, you are in for a nasty ride, even if it goes reasonably fast. If you don’t have your mind ‘right’, you are indeed looking at things in the wrong way. The attitude plays a monster size role in the process of career search.

Chip away is the way to begin. You begin by thinking things through, create a good strategic plan and do TONS of research on the market you are interested in. You cannot possibly make a career move without INFORMATION. Information is your key that will open some doors. Who will you network with? Who will you reach out to for assistance? Who, in your network has the ability to help?

Ask yourself these questions, make a list and add that to your research results and it becomes a solid formula to chip away and put that strategic plan in place.

It will take time. It can sometimes get the best of you and it might test your patience and tolerance. And, if it does – You maintain a chill attitude and stay focused on what your career objectives are and you will be successful.


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