This message is primarily for my college and entry-level friends, but it’s still great advice for ALL of the people out there thinking about their careers and how to push that process forward.

If you are truly on the market for a job – LISTEN UP!

If you are planning a career move, I repeat, LISTEN UP!

Looking for a job or an intern role is, no matter what you think, a process and a process takes time. It requires an organizational approach, an operational skill that helps you, through hard work and industry research, create activity and if you keep it in order, it will net you quality information that will open doors for you.

The key is to invest your time wisely and keep you research information OPRGANIZED and current. If you approach this in a random arbitrary and casual way, you will waste your time and probably other peoples as well. It NEEDS to be systematic. It needs to be planned and it needs to have some purpose behind it.

Drive the Job Search Process with thought. Use good judgment and look to begin with good intentions and with objectives. The objective does not necessarily have to be the brass ring, the greatest job in the world but it does require some direction.

And, in order to achieve this, you need to be efficient, so get organized and clean your room.



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