This is the time of year when all the seniors are looking forward to GRADUATION. You have all worked hard for the past few years to achieve what becomes a milestone and one of the most meaningful times in your life. You EARN a degree and then you think about your career and what the future holds for you. 

The job forecast isn’t great and we are all, in our own way, struggling with just how we can and should deal with that. As a career coach, one of the things I try and do is provide an accurate picture of what to expect. I am not one to ‘sugarcoat’. Although I am compassionate, I tell it as it is. I will always partner with my clients, building off the foundation they have and try and offer some strategic process to help them get from one place to another; in this case, how to cross that always exciting and yet challenging bridge from class to commerce.

With all of that said, we are all knee deep in some foul smelling mess that has changed what we do, how we do it, what we WANT to do and where we hope to be doing it. And, that has impacted EVERYTHING – Especially and including GRADUATION. Every year since I began to blog (5 years now) I have not missed a single week and I always post something for the college grads. This year, like most of us, students and working peeps, I am working from home in a VIRTUAL landscape that is efficient, but lacks the personal integration of what we too often take for granted – TOUCH TIME!

And no different, Graduation Ceremonies all over the world will be Virtual and despite the format, you still NEED to recognize several things. You did the work. You put in the time. You earned your degree.  You accomplished something very special. You have a lot to celebrate and you should all be very PROUD. Pride is an award for achievement. 

Don’t let what you accomplished dilute itself because of the circumstances surrounding you/us.  Enjoy this moment and look at it this way: Covid-19 created something unique and although it breaks things up and disconnects, it also gives us an opportunity to rebuild, find alt ways to connect and to re-assess. It gives us a chance to find new ways to manage our success and what is broken can be fixed! We learn from the experience. We improve the process and we don’t see the class of 2020 as a ‘missed opportunity’ or a ‘missed milestone’.

No, we see it for what it is – An opportunity to face and embrace change. Congratulations to you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Positive
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