Relationships are the foundation for good dialogue anytime.

Relationships are the bedrock for a quality conversation.

Relationships are the basis or principle for something meaningful.

Relationships are the connection; the association and the affiliation that help you create an opportunity to open a door that will lead your life forward.

In the Hiring Community, we call it NETWORKING. Relationships build trust and if you earn trust, you succeed in network expansion, which is vital to the Career Sequence.

If and when you have a chance to put yourself out there and meet people that align with your way of thinking or provide a ticket into some new opportunity that gets your career moving, you have to jump on it and make it happen. Initiate the conversation and establish yourself. Make sure you are clear about who you are, what you do and present your ‘brand message’ in an intelligent, purposeful way that leaves an impression that keeps the door open with the hope/intent of having someway say, “come on in”.

When you meet people, look them in the eye and exhibit a sense of confidence and passion. If you can exchange thoughts and ideas that demonstrate the added value you will bring to them and the organization they represent, you will again, add to your network. The resources you have available, if managed properly will and should last a lifetime. The way 2 or more people are connected is THE RELATIONSHIP.

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