If you are in control, you have the power to influence the people involved as well as the situation you are managing. You can dictate the direction. You have the power to restrain and/or guide the process. Control is having the authority to lead and move things forward. 

And when it comes to your career, that’s exactly what it’s about – MOVING FORWARD. Have the self-awareness and the self-confidence to understand what your objectives are and take control. In order to be successful with career choices, you will need to exercise good judgment. That, my friends comes from having information in hand, which comes from doing research. Know your market. Know what lies ahead, map it out and take CONTROL. 

If you can control something, don’t worry about it and if you CAN’T control something…..don’t worry about it. When you are in control, you are in command and nothing should get in your way. You are driving this bus and your sense of direction is 100%, so why worry? And for those of us that need something to worry about, you will not have to add what you cannot control to the list, as there won’t be anything you can do anyway. Ride it out, let the chips fall where they may and do the best you can. But if you are really in control, you will be sitting in the pilot’s chair.

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