Everyday is a gift and it’s our responsibility to embrace each and every one as if it were a precious experience offering us an opportunity to do something meaningful and capture the spirit it deserves.

It’s not just our responsibility, it’s our duty and should be a part of our ‘personal’ job description in life to grab each day by the short strings and hold it close and enjoy it for all it has to and should offer. It’s simple common sense to look each day square in the eye, stare it down, challenge it and make sure that before this day ends, you have accomplished something extraordinary.

If you minimize the day – you cheat yourself of some unknown adventure. It might, in fact be unpleasant, but you still owe it to yourself to MAXIMIZE the day, because it might just prove to be something special and if you don’t give it your best shot, how will you know? You won’t and that’s a loss that nobody can afford. Exploit your day. Capitalize the day. Don’t abuse it – but use it as the gift it is.


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