Now that most of us have transitioned to working remotely, we are adjusting, adapting and finding new ways to communicate, engage and make the best of a bad situation. We are all COLLATERAL DAMAGE to some degree. For the people that have lost jobs, been furloughed, had salaries reduced – I feel for you and for students graduating all over the world, my heart breaks for you as I think about what this market will mean for you. As a career coach, I find ways to elevate self-esteem, confidence and help give some navigational information by providing a common sense approach to making and adapting to our ‘new norm’. There are things you can and should be doing.

Without question, we are all being challenged by unique circumstances that have created a perfect storm and what a mess it is. That said you have to take a step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What can I do?”

There are answers – You just have to explore and find them. Not every question, at this time will have an answer, but as you find that some do, you can also work to position yourself in a better place, by exploring the market so when things do open, you will be slightly ahead and not slightly behind.

Life, on its best and worst day, is all about MOVING FORWARD so begin to map things out, create objectives and goals. Be ambitious and exhibit an honest EFFORT. Have a destination each and everyday and do your best to navigate the bumps in the road (there are many) so you can accumulate not miles, but MILESTONES!!

Do not look at time home as CONFINEMENT or as many have said, jail or prison. You are in the comfort of your own environment, which should help ease some of the anxiety of the moment. Remember, some people have, for whatever reason, been displaced, so let’s be grateful for the ‘little things’ and stay productive.

If you feel ‘stuck’, reach out to a quality resource you have. Family, friend, colleague, CAREER COACH, past/present employer, peers or if you like your pet – But communicate. This is not the time to separate, isolate or disconnect. It is the time to use time and use it wisely. But do not think you are completely confined by space or by what you can accomplish each and everyday.

Doing Time
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