Looking for career opportunity can definitely seem like ‘doing time’.

How can you make the best of a situation when you feel the challenge, the struggle of trying to advance your career? It’s a competitive market in most industries and when you are looking for a job, a career change, a meaningful transition, an intern spot, the need to take the leap of faith and start something new or maybe you are moving to a new community and have no choice but to start over – whatever your reason(s) are that have you thinking about this, it’s so important to manage the time and not let the time manage you. Time is a pure luxury item and it should not be minimized and allow you to think you have tons of it.

The younger you are – the more time you have, but it still goes quickly and it’s not to be taken for granted.

Young people have more time ahead of them. Older people have more time behind them. Either way – we measure so much in time and if we let that metric get the best of us, we are not managing it well. “Time will tell”. How often have we heard that? Well, guess what – it does. Yes, you can borrow some, you can stretch it, but at the end of the day, there are no faults in time. Time does not discriminate. Time is principled. Time is truthful and time is honest.

The faults are how we manage or mismanage time. Time is the real deal. Time is a commodity, a tool that, if used properly works like a well-oiled machine.

Instead of doing time, maximize your minutes, as they swiftly become hours, days, months and years. Take advantage of the clock. Give it purpose. Make it functional on your own behalf and above all, never take it for granted.



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