Not everyone has ‘drive’. Not everyone is driven by some inner strength that can pilot his or her lives both, personally and professionally.

Drive, in the professional context is or should be a very powerful force. It’s a very close cousin to commitment, dedication, desire and ambition.

If you are looking for a job, an intern position, a career change or just thinking about career assessment, it will be difficult to achieve meaningful success without DRIVE.

What motivates you? What will scratch your itch? What inspires you? What influences you? What DRIVES you?

Before you begin to think about a career sequence, you should ask these simple questions. It can help you develop a plan and career sequencing deserves a thought process that will, with some goals, objectives and intent, get you on a path that should, 1, get you in the right frame of mind and, 2, get you where you ultimately want to be…..

A place that allows you an opportunity to grow, to learn, to explore and exchange ideas. A place that offers you the opportunity to make an impact

And, if you can find this, it can be defined as one thing – a great job!

Make no mistake. This is a process that requires some serious thinking. If you research your market, gain an understanding just how many opportunities are there for you, you can see if the plan you are implementing makes sense or not.


Research, learn and be informed. If you prepare – you are prepared. And, if you add in your talent, your skills, your passion and add DRIVE you are definitely on your way. Drive Safely!


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