If you are looking for information, you need to research, read and learn about whatever it is you are interested in. No way around that. There are so many channels today that provide information. Our first instinct is to ‘Google it’. There are no friendly debates anymore because as we begin to have conversations with people that cause a difference of opinion, we don’t need to argue or dispute the facts – We simply look it up. Pretty cool, but admittedly, I do miss a good friendly debate now and then. That said, if you are interested in a job, changing your work conditions, looking to make a career pivot, you will need to do lot’s of research to better understand your market so you can open up the doors to possibilities. Information is your key to the first door. Experience will always be the next key, but it all starts with details, facts, the particulars, data and INFORMATION. Read up, learn and EARN your way into the transition you are considering.

You can seek all kinds of counsel. You can hire a career coach, you can talk to a mentor, you can rely on colleagues at school/work, you can read about anything and all of these resources will provide guidance and direction, but it all comes down to finding information to help you make an intelligent decision. So if you drop the ‘L’ from LEARN, you are left with ‘EARN’ and that’s what you must do to move forward. You EARN your way. Learn minus ’L’ = EARN.

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