Don’t you hate when people say “you deserve it”. I sure do. Whether they are referring to something really good or bad, nobody ‘DESERVES’ anything. You either EARN it or you don’t.

If you work hard and look at your career (or personal) objectives with a real sense of commitment, put in the time, create a good action plan, then you will have EARNED the success you achieve. If you treat people badly, then you have EARNED the bad Karma you DESERVE.

But, make no mistake, it all roots itself with recognizing your potential, putting in the time to build something meaningful and then pledging to yourself and make it happen – to bring it all to life. The process is a simple one. Work hard, do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do and EARN your way.

‘Earn it’ requires discipline, self-motivation and a good sense of direction that enables you to put your intentions in front of you, targeting and connecting.

Work for it and EARN it!

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