What’s your essence? We all have some. It’s our core, our foundation. It’s our root, our character, quality and our substance.

And, without some essence, how can you develop? How can you grow? How can you move forward? Actually, you can’t. It would be pointless to try and sell yourself without some essence. Think about your essence as a way to improve your weakness and convert it into something that will impress. Learn how to express yourself as a means to achieve success. Get down to business, because moving forward is all about improvement. It’s a lifelong process that requires a mental fitness. If you are careless along the way and stress about the things you cannot control, you are aimless. Embrace your journey. Be ruthless about it. Own it – It’s yours. Make it your signature. The ride should be meaningful and exciting. It can be endless and full of surprise.  Access and harness your resources. Utilize them. It takes courage to move forward. Don’t be gutless.

If you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backward and that’s absolute madness.

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