The fall represents so many things. The end, unfortunately, of summer and it’s the open door to what eventually becomes winter. But before fall disappears into the snow, cold and the, for some, Winter Blues, we have THE HARVEST. A beautiful annual event that represents hard work with, if managed well, great results and success.

Harvest is the “process or period of gathering crops.” The key word here is ‘gathering’, which, simply put is, a means of collecting and accumulating.

Harvesting is the process of gathering ripe crops from the fields and is probably the most labor-intensive part of the growing season. If you plant wisely, tend your garden properly, manage time well and factor in weather conditions, you will no doubt be a successful grower and maximize your output.

When you are thinking about your career at any stage, and/or looking to make a change in your professional life, one has no choice but to think about the credentials you will need to present and your available network. Both are essential and extremely useful. The network and the resources available are your crops and should be a bi-product of a good planting season. The difference between Fall Harvest and Networking is harvest is an annual experience and networking is a lifetime experience. The network crop is a constant work in progress. The seeds are continuously planted, managed and the fruits of your labor should always create dialogue, exploration and hopefully, a new career opportunity.

Resources are available in many ways. It’s up to you to determine what they are, how to best utilize them and eventually how to make a successful harvest. The last thing you want to do is minimize the network you have and take it/them for granted, as you definitely don’t want to experience ‘crop failure’. It’s really important to take time, plan and plot your course so the results provide you with a healthy bounty!


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