Fear can drive you crazy. It can make you nervous. So much so, that you can actually feel sick. Fear can drive the nervous system to such a frenzied place that you can really feel like you have no control. Fear has a powerful DNA and it can control so many emotions. But FEAR, if managed and handled properly can be a great asset and a fabulous learning tool that should, if you look it square in the eye and tell it to ‘back off’ will and can help you move your life forward.

Fear is the nasty voice in your head that holds you back. It contains you. It manages you. It controls you. It will limit you. It can dominate you. It can command you. It directs you in the wrong direction. It RESTRICTS you in every possible way.

So, think about what has you spooked and tell yourself, at all costs, you WILL overcome it and beat the heck out of it so you can reverse that little voice and find a path to success.

Don’t follow fear. Be your own leader and push the fear aside, as you determine what you are afraid of and make that the basis for self-supervision and learning overcoming those fears are nothing more than valuable lessons in growth. Be brave and regulate the fear. Ask yourself, ‘who’s in charge?’ If the answer is you, then you are going to be great at all that you choose to do. If fear is in charge – you are in trouble. It’s your responsibility, especially when it comes to making decisions, that you have a clear mission in front of you and a clear path to accomplishing goals.

Attack your fears. Kick their ass. When you are feeling scared about something, stop and analyze it. Think it through. I am not minimizing what is so very real in your head and your heart, as I know it’s genuine and can be so debilitating, but if you begin to think it through, you realize that whatever has you in it’s grasp can be reversed and used to motivate success. Let fear drive you in a positive direction and use it as a strategy that leads to success!


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