They say that no 2 are alike. I think that applies to all of us as well. As similar as we might appear to be, we are all so uniquely different. Ask yourself, what separates me from the rest? There should always be an answer. When you are thinking about your career, it’s essential that you develop and discover the things that separate you from the rest. That should be a primary directive while on the job market. After all, if you are one of the many, then that’s all you are – one of the many. What we want to be is one of the few. The subtleties that separate you are often the qualities a hiring manager will recognize and help them make a decision. Learn to embrace what makes you different. It is part of who you are and its part of your story. That storyline is the root foundation of who you are and it’s your responsibility to tell the story and align it with the environment you are interested in. 

Your Personal Fingerprint should always be a talking point. It’s the ‘extraordinary’ in you that makes you stand up and stand out. That fingerprint is very significant as you move your professional life forward. Having the confidence and self-awareness to understand your Personal Fingerprint is an important piece of your self-branding. It might be the most valuable and meaningful asset you have and your job is to make that known and seen. People are looking for and need VALUE. Nobody cares about the ‘fluff’. 

A fingerprint, by definition is an impression and when you are looking for a job or planning a career strategy plan, you will want to make a quality impression. 

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