If you are looking for a job or an intern role, you better be in top form. Before you hit the market, you have to use great form, as it will help you frame things appropriately and hopefully it will help you create an outline to follow. Form is a wonderful guidance tool for you when you begin to consider your next career move. It should provide the customary and correct methods and procedures for you to follow.

Form is an arrangement of parts and that’s what the career process is all about – the parts or the segments that, if managed well, will combine and become the ‘whole’.

Career Sequencing is made up of many parts. It begins with desire, drive and motivation. If you don’t have that pushing the process, you are in quicksand and you will sink pretty fast. Research the market is another good part for you to consider. In order to be successful, you need to understand the marketplace you are interested in. Get your head around the companies, industries and titles that are appealing to you. Know what is and what is NOT available for you. Educate yourself and develop good FORM.

Function follows form. The function is the purpose and the practical use of all your guidance that gives you a sense of vision that will land you in a career of choice. And in order to really function well on the job, you will need to perform at a serious level exhibiting a good attitude and effort. Remember, it’s something new for all involved, so transition allows for time to learn, time to fail, time to grow, time to get better and time to make your form that much better.

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