Looking for a job or making a career pivot is in of itself…..a JOB and it’s a major preliminary step to making a significant change in your life. Do not, for one minute, minimize just how much work it can be to make this career move. In fact, if managed properly, you will learn just how time consuming it can be. Manage your time well, stay organized and above all – log all your information. As you develop a plan, and it does require a plan, you begin to accumulate more and more information. Names, dates, companies, industries, titles, phone calls, e-mails, social media, networking events, resources you have and will have, and maybe you are also using snail mail, but at the end of all of this research and communications, you begin to collect significant data and intel; it’s so important to log it all and establish a good system that allows you an opportunity to use it as a reference at any time.

As you begin to explore different opportunities and get an understanding about the marketplace you are focused on, you discover a lot of information. Some of it will be meaningless and some will be very meaningful. Your job while looking for a job is to FUNNEL all this information into a useful tool that helps you land safely. Information as you search for your next career move is the key to opening many doors. But if you do not keep it organized and clean, you will begin to dilute your own process and that will only leave you a few steps behind. Make sure you coordinate all the information systematically, so when you need to reference something you have done, you can easily find it. And, like a funnel, there is the wide end that accepts all the info and it filters through the narrow part so you see can it clearly and control all the material you compile.

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