Looking for a job? Trying to build a network? Considering your credentials? Preparing for an Interview? Any and all of these things are significant and play a huge role in your future. And, as you begin to examine the market, you get a better understanding of where, why and how you fit. As you prepare, you begin to unfold layers of information that can be built into a smart and strategic plan that becomes your foundation to move the career search forward. If you put together a good plan, you create good sense of direction and we all know the best way to reach your destination is with a good GPS system. It’s efficient. It saves time and the networking opportunities you grow will also help you today and more importantly, tomorrow.

You will research, you will reach out to people, you will ask for help, you will offer added value in return, you will exhibit awesome credentials and a solid self-brand narrative, but with all of that, you will exercise good judgment, not waste time for you or ‘them’ and YOU GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED. Nothing more and nothing less.

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