So you want to be successful and make something of your life. That’s a really good mindset to have, but recognize that GREATNESS comes with a price. You have to earn it. You have to work your tail off to get it. You have to work even harder to maintain it. It will not come easy and it certainly won’t happen overnight. On the contrary, it will take time. It will take perseverance. It will take self-commitment. It will take most, if not all of what you have to offer and it will require a level of growth and consistency that, if you really exhibit passion, greatness will cast its spotlight upon you.

Educate yourself as things continue to change and you can retain, sustain and continue greatness. Let go of your resources and the will to be better at what you do and you risk your greatness. Greatness is a very demanding position and distinction to engineer. In order to hit that pinnacle, remember, the path in front of you will challenge you daily. If you have the strength of character to push forward, you will, in fact hit your destination and land in Greatness.

Greatness comes from HARD WORK, working hard, being prolific, productive and a having a high level of concentration. And because of all that, greatness can cause negative consequences. Be prepared for that. It is not free. You will probably compromise some of your very precious and personal time, but when you generate cool things that are GREAT, you make those around you feel your success and that should inspire more greatness. You want it to be contagious.

Grind it out, use your mental muscle, exhibit passion, set your sights high and you can achieve GREATNESS.

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