Career path, or as I refer to it ‘The Career Sequence’ is, for many, a difficult road to travel. There are so many obstacles and speed bumps along the way.

You can encounter competition, lack of job hunter experience, confidence, selection conflicts, your specific market, timing, settling for something you don’t really want and the economy certainly plays a role.

A marketplace that has little to offer in your area of choice can also confront you or you can be engaged by a variety of forces that you just cannot control. Either way, as you discover the difficulties along the way, it is your responsibility to make this path as smooth as you can. This is not a straight corporate ladder climb. Quite the contrary, it can often be like a ‘jungle gym’ and you will have to climb up, down, laterally, and do loops along the way. The key is to stay committed, believe in you, keep active and hang on. If you don’t, you will lose your grip and fall.

Falling can be OK. You do get up, process the reason why you fell, learn from it and move on with a better understanding than you previously had.

However, the ultimate goal and your objective are to find a job and keep your career sequence moving. Continue to climb the jungle gym. Keep the grip tight, the mind sharp and definitely maintain a smart attitude.

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