If you are on the hunt for something the immediate thought should be INFORMATION. How can you possibly make any move towards anything without info? You have an objective and to achieve that objective with any real efficiency, you NEED information.

Looking for a new car, buying a house, a new dress, a new suit, looking for a good massage – whatever you are looking for, you want to make a great decision and to do that you must have information. It’s that simple. Especially if you are looking to find a job, make a career pivot, or trying to, if you are a student, get an internship.

If you don’t know the market, how can you make intelligent choices?

Information is the GPS that guides you to develop a plan that creates opportunity and allows you to make significant progress while you are on the hunt.

Information is inspiring in 2 ways. When you do the research, you get all kinds of ideas and when you have the information, you can develop a solid action plan to move your professional life forward.
There has to be a goal. Purpose and commitment will take you there and the fuel for this ride is INFORMATION.

So before you set your sights and think you are on a mission, get the information and put yourself on an INFO-MISSION.

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