To invest is to put an asset out there with the intent of some meaningful gain and/or profit. When you are on the job market and thinking about a career move, you MUST look at yourself as the asset that people, specifically, the hiring community wants to invest in. If you present yourself appropriately, have your credentials in a great place, understand the marketplace you are interested in and brand yourself properly, that is what most HR Managers and Hiring Managers would want to invest in.

Remember, when you begin your career, advance your career or re-invent yourself, as I have done, there is always a ‘learning curve’, which creates a step or 2 backwards. The hope, of course, is that as you begin to get your head wrapped around the new environment, gain confidence and begin to become a meaningful part of things, in time, the INVESTMENT begins to pay off for both you and your employer. The step or two backwards becomes a giant leap forward and the net gain for all is rewarding and PROFITABLE.

Self-Investment is nothing more than an ability to exhibit confidence and intelligence. In order to do that you must also exhibit a great level of commitment to yourself and your career sequence. Do the work required. Do the research. Take the time necessary that gives you a path. Doesn’t need to be direct. Career Sequencing is not always a ‘straight’ line. Point A to point B might, in fact, might take you around the block once or twice, but the objective is to get across the street, so again, take your time and commit to yourself, knowing that you are approaching things with great purpose and passion to drive this process forward.

Investing in yourself is an essential tool that will guide you. It can be a great GPS and help you navigate the career sequence you have chosen.

Invest your time wisely. Planning, making good decisions and good choices are all part of the success strategy, so INVEST in yourself and others will invest in you.


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