Career Development is based on a variety of foundational ‘things’ that will either help you or hurt you as you push forward. Finding an internship or a job will always be a ‘process’ and present a variety of obstacles to overcome. There are the few, and they are the minority, that land quickly and minimize the time in between graduation and/or the space ‘in-between’ jobs. Either way, prepare yourself for a ride. 

Remember, looking for a job, despite the resources you have and utilize will always put the heavy lifting on you. You will have to plant seeds in people’s minds and then you patiently water them and eventually there will be the harvest. Doors will open and opportunity will present itself. The ‘ride’ that I refer to is the ‘process’. If you can invest in yourself, make a commitment to yourself, do the due diligence and jump on board you will definitely find a job. Of that, I have no doubt. 

As a career coach, my job is to help you find and discover a sense of direction. I am your GPS. You can program me and I will navigate the ride. I am your Waze, your Google map, but you are the driver.

We take the ride together. I support your effort and advocate on your behalf. I can provide many things to help smooth out the road ahead. But, if there is lack of effort on your part the ride takes much longer. Your attitude and your EFFORT; That’s the secret to success. The attitude and effort you demonstrate will def play a role in the search. 

In order to jump on board and find a successful path you will need to load up your resources. Your network will play a huge role in the process. That is fuel for the tank. It’s so important to tell your story and make it clear that you are on your way and when you arrive the satisfaction felt is quite extraordinary. So, jump on board and enjoy the ride.

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