When you are looking for a job and/or thinking about a career pivot, there are 2 things that MUST be part of the process – Consistency and Commitment.

If you are not consistent and lack the personal obligation that it takes to make your life better, you will prolong what will probably be an arduous operation and it will take longer to find results.

It is YOUR responsibility to take charge of this and find as many ways to make the transition, not only work but also make it a meaningful exercise to find success.  Looking for a job, with rare exception, is time consuming and sometimes, a painful thing to deal with. Know that going in. Always hope for the best, but be realistic and anticipate the worst. 

Prepare and utilize all the tools you have available. Number one is your network and the ability to reach out to your Rolodex and Resources.  LinkedIn, industry research and the job boards can also be useful, but know that all of this falls on you. If you are not 100% ‘all in’ you risk loss of time and more importantly, missed opportunity. So when you are actively on that job market, you will have to depend on YOU. Maintain a dedicated and consistent thought process. Have a plan and above all – Keep things fluid.

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