Hey, are you looking for a job? Are you looking for a meaningful Internship?

Clearly, if the answer is YES, then you need to get yourself ORGANIZED.

There is only one way to make this happen, unless, of course, you have the luxury of a family business or some other very personal connection that will help get you where you want and/or need to be. And to those that have that set of fortunate circumstance in front of them, to them I say, GO FOR IT and make the best of it. You are very lucky and if you don’t maximize that opportunity – you are foolish.

And then there is ‘everybody else’. Those that need to dig deep, get their head in the right place and begin to coordinate, categorize and manage a lot of information in order to put together a good and solid master plan.

First step in this process is commitment. You need to commit to yourself, invest in yourself and then you begin the process of understanding the marketplace you are interested in. How do you do that? You research. You identify your place(s) of interest and you look at the many resources available and learn as much as you can about the industries, the specific companies and the titles you are interested in. Find out if opportunities are there and then you can move the process forward.

You need information in order to develop a strategic solution plan. A real master plan is built upon information gathered by doing studies, focus groups and research. I am not suggesting you do this, but the parallel is so obvious.

There is no future without preparation. Think about your time, how best to manage that time and quantify all this with a schedule and a plan. If you have all this in order, you will increase the percentages in your favor and find that job. It’s all about how you prepare, plan, present and market yourself. This can and will separate you from the many that are out there looking for the same gig you are.

Having a master plan is like a road map or having the GPS on. It provides a sense of direction that helps you navigate from one place to another. It also provides a hopeful course that is sensible, practical and successful. It’s all about how you plan and manage the time that keeps your professional dreams alive.


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