How you present yourself says a lot about you. The content with which you tell your story is an important introduction to people and the hiring community.

We call it a ‘FIRST IMPRESSION’ for a reason and it’s critical that you make a good one. It is doubtful that you will get a second opportunity should your first presentation fail. Resumes, cover letters, social media presence, visual content, portfolios, interviews, phone calls, verbal communications and your body language speak volumes on your behalf. The message you put out there showcases the core of who and WHAT you are, and if that message should fail to hit the target – your mission probably will fail and you will fall short of the objectives and goals you have placed in front of you.

Think of it as a bank account. Slowly and meticulously, you begin to put money away and in time, you have accumulated a financial cushion….Savings!!!

Your credentials are similar, in that you have to build from the ground up. Your resume begins to take shape one job at a time and you create your ‘professional narrative’. This becomes the beginning of your story. The core of what you are and what will make you an attractive hire as your Career Sequence develops.

This storyline aligns with your ability to present, network and communicate. It allows you the chance to create a professional profile and exhibit how you have been successful and how you are going to add value to the work environment you are interested in.

Your credentials are your CURRENCY. Invest wisely in them.


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