Most people associate this term with some financial status……

As someone in the Career Coaching field, I see it as it relates to NETWORKING. Networking is like ‘money in the bank’. As you move through life, you meet people, you make friends, you meet colleagues at work, maybe you connect with a professor from your university and you create RELATIONSHIPS that are built because you invest in each other. You learn from one another, you exchange skill; talent, friendship and you develop a TRUST that becomes a part of your NETWORK.  When you create a dialogue with the people you encounter, you plant a seed. Your objective, if you see substance there, is to grow that seed into something that adds VALUE to both of you. Never look for something that only helps you – Always work together and reinforce what can ultimately be something special and establish a MUTUAL TRUST. This improves your NET WORTH and makes you an ASSET, not only to yourself, but to all those that you associate with. 80% of the jobs secured today are because of Networking. Invest wisely; It’s so worth it. You will, if managed well, find a wonderful return on your investment.

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